Data Security

Data Security

The personal information of the members of the Bilva Health Travel online website are protected under the highest security conditions in an environment where all available security measures are taken, and this information is not known or seen by anyone who is not authorized, even whithin the compagny.

BİLVA HEALTH TRAVEL undertakes and guarantees not to share the personal information of its online members with third parties without the person's own consent and not to misuse it in any way.

Secure shopping

The credit card information you enter during shopping reaches the bank via a secure data bridge called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and the payment is made. During or after the operation, the informtion are never recorded by BİLVA HEALTH TRAVEL.nor BİLVA HEALTH TRAVEL Online personnel can access this information.

You can see the SSL certificate with a key or a lock image located at the bottom of the browser. The validity of this certificate can be seen when you click on this icon.

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