Our skin lost its former appearance over time and begins to deform. Natural and artificial factors, especially aging cause skin deformation. The person may need medical aesthetic procedures due to some factors such as seasonal conditions, stress, environmental factors, unhealthy diet and smoking.

To meet the aesthetic concerns and demands, many surgical and nonsurgical methods are often preferred to apply. Medical aesthetic provides an opportunity for the patients to be operated on without any surgery process who are not satisfied with their appearance.

Medical aesthetics make the procedures convenient for the patient with its nonsurgical and fast recovery process . After the treatment, the patient can return his / her daily life in a short time. Medical aesthetic procedures can be applied according to the patient's request and as per the doctor's advice and guidance as well. Therefore, the medical aesthetic pro-cedures are performed coordinately with the other medical departments.

The significant difference between the medical aesthetic and normal aesthetic process is that medical aesthetic appeals to a wide age range . Therefore, medical aesthetics can be successfully applied to almost all age groups.

Which Diseases Does Medical Aesthetics Treat?

Medical aesthetics is divided into several areas in itself, shaped according to patient complaints and treatment methods. These areas include general aesthetic procedures, aesthetic and plastic surgery, facial filling, weight loss, skincare procedures, hair transplantation and procedures, and healthy nutrition.

The patients who have medical aesthetic complaints are subjected to a preliminary examination by a specialist. After the preliminary examination, the patient is subjected to several tests and detailed observations. After the blood test, skin analysis, fat and metabolism test are completed, all the results are examined by a specialist and took final decision whether the patient is suitable for the medical aesthetic. After the final decision of the patient, the medical aesthetic procedure is applied and the patient can be discharged on the same day depending on the course of the application.

Baldness is one of the main reason why male patients need medical aesthetics. Genetic factors, hormonal disorders, stress, unhealthy diet and wrong hair care can damage hair follicles and cause hair loss. Thanks to the newly developed methods and technological developments, hair transplantation applications are applied painlessly. Beard, mustache and eyebrow transplantation applications are also within the scope of medical aesthetics.

General medical aesthetic procedures are applied to a certain part of the face according to the patient's request and desire. Procedures such as regional thinning, laser epilation and spot cleaning, which are applied to as per the specialist advice, are also within the scope of general medical aesthetics.

Plastic surgery applications that have an aesthetic concern such as body, nose, cheek and lip aesthetic, breast aesthetics and genital area aesthetics are also within the scope of medical aesthetic. The patient has her/his new appearance in a very short time after this painless and non-surgical process.

Medical aesthetics work coordinately with other medical departments. The treatment of a patient who has healthy nutrition and weight loss complaints is carried out with the guidance of the necessary specialist dietitians and estheticians. Wrinkles and cracks that may occur in the body after weight loss treatment are treated with the help of a medical aesthetic without any surgical process. The treatment of sagging and skin crack after pregnancy is also within the scope of medical aesthetics.

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