The cardiology center is a medical department that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. In these centers ,medical specialists and medical staff provide service with effective methods according to modern medicine. The cardiovascular disease of patients of all ages is followed, diagnosed and treated.

Preventive Medicine in Cardiology Center

The medical specialist also provides preventive medicine in the cardiology center. The necessary information for potential patients of all ages is provided by the relevant healthcare personnel in these centers to minimize a possible condition of disease. To protect our cardiovascular health and avoid any kind of diseases, we should limit smoking and alcohol consumption, exercise regularly, eat healthily and protect those habits. Besides, a periodical check-up recommended by the specialists is very important for the early diagnosis of diseases without symptoms . One of the major factors in a successful treatment is early diagnosis. After early diagnosis, determining the appropriate treatment method for the patient and starting the treatment immediately is crucial to achieving a good result.

The importance of Cardiology Center

According to the data, the most common cause of death in the world and our country is cardiovascular disease. According to TUIK data, 40.4% of the deaths in 2014 were due to cardiovascular diseases. It has been supported by the statistic updated every year that this rate has been decreased over the years and it is going to increase with the rise of an aging population. Therefore, it is crucial to decrease morbidity and mortality by removing the risk factors. The preventive medicine service we mentioned also provides services to patients to remove these risk factors.

Most Common Risk Factors

There are two types of cardiovascular risk factors as changeable and unchangeable.

One unchangeable factor is gender and age. Women over 55 and men over 45 are included in the risk group. Another unchangeable factor is genetic predisposition. Individuals with a family history of cardiovascular disease are included in the risk group.

Changeable risk factors are ;smoking , alcohol, stress, elevated cholesterol, elevated triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol ,high blood pressure ,diabetes, obesity, physical inactivity .

The Most Common Symptoms

If you have the below symptoms, you may suffer from cardiovascular disease

  • Shortness of breath during physical activity (stair climbing, walking, running, etc.)
  • Chest pressure, burning, compression complaints
  • Numbness in the left arm

Chest pain, which is the most significant symptom, can be caused by many different reasons. The severity of chest pain may not always provide accurate information about the course of the disease. Complaints such as difficulty in breathing, pressure in the chest, suffocation, burning and filling on the chest, lacking effort, and fatigue are the most common symptoms of chest pain. Patients suffering from silent ischemia can have a heart attack without any symptoms. Most of the patients may die during the attack and they may not have any symptoms before the attack. Although these patients have serious cardiac stenosis, they may not also have previous symptoms.

Which Patients Should Consult to Cardiology Center ?

Patients with irregular blood pressure, chest pain and shortness of breath, arm and leg pain, palpitation, fatigue, edema, dizziness and fainting should immediately consult the Cardiology Center.

Diagnostic methods in cardiology center

  • EKG (electrocardiogram)
  • Rhythm Holter
  • Blood Pressure Holter
  • Echocardiography ( ECO )
  • Effort Test
  • Myocardial Perfusion Scintigraphy
  • Coronary CT Angiography ( Virtual Angio)
  • ( Coronary Angiography )

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