What is Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation?

Physical therapy and rehabilitation is the treatment method that must be applied to improve the functional loss or disorders that may occur due to various reasons such as trauma, accident, congenital disorders, and to improve the patient's movement with different methods. Physical therapy and rehabilitation is getting used for the treatment of many diseases related to muscles and bones, and the treatment method varies according to the patient.

There are various methods that can be used for physical therapy and rehabilitation. Some of these are treatments with mechanical methods (massage, manual therapy, traction, etc.), exercise and medication therapy, thermotherapy (treatment with hot applications), short and microwave waves, ultrasound, laser, heliotherapy (treatment with sun rays), hot packs, paraffin bath, infrared ray methods. Cold cold treatment or cryotherapy is applied with cold packs, compresses, ice packs, ice massage and cooling sprays.

Hydrotherapy methods such as thermal springs, hot bathing tubs and whirlpool baths can also be seen as alternative treatment methods. Electrotherapy, which is applied through direct and alternating currents is also among the physical therapy and rehabilitation methods. The Electric Currents Rehabilitation treatment method aims to enable the patient to continue his/her life independently in terms of physiological, mental, social and professional aspects. Rehabilitation usually takes longer than physical therapy.

Which Diseases Does Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department Deals With?

Pains: Pain in the musculoskeletal system of the body, such as the waist, neck, back, feet, and knees, is treated with physical therapy and rehabilitation methods. This department also includes pain which is caused by tissue damage due to disease and trauma or acute pain. Chronic pain which is of psychological or neurological origin must also be treated with a long-term physical therapy and rehabilitation process.

Sports Injuries: Muscle injuries, meniscus disorders fractures and other similar injuries that occur during sports activities can be treated with physical therapy and rehabilitation as well. the surgery is necessary, has the physical therapy and rehabilitation process of huge importance after the surgery. It is necessary for the patient to regularly exercise and to let it be checked by the doctor to regain the treated area's function.

Parkinson's: Parkinson's disease, which is mostly seen in advanced ages, occurs as a result of decreasing dopamine cells. It is a brain disorder that leads to shaking, stiffness, and difficulty with walking, balance, and coordination for the patient. It is very important for the patient to exercise regularly in addition to the medical treatment that can be carried out under the control of a neurologist. Physical therapy and rehabilitation treatment is applied to increase the patient's mobility and improve the life quality.

Rheumatic Diseases: Rheumatism is the feeling of pain around the joints , bones or muscles and it may be a sign ofa various diseases. Rheumatic diseases, which are divided as inflammatory and non-inflammatory rheumatism, include rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, tennis or golfer's elbow, heel spurs, calcifications, calcific tendinitis, shoulder muscle tears and shoulder impingement syndromes, gout, Mediterranean fever, soft tissue rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, acute joint rheumatism connective tissue diseases. Difficulty in joint movements, swelling, temperature increase, constant pain and redness can be given as examples of rheumatic disease symptoms. Physical therapy and rehabilitation treatment can be applied with medical treatment according to the severity of the disease.

Stroke: Stroke occurs as a result of cerebral vessels damages, so the ability to move of certain parts is restricted. Physical therapy and rehabilitation treatment is necessary to accelerate the healing process, to return the patient to his social life, and to make her /him able to meet his/her own needs.

Fractures: Various complaints can be seen in the person due to fractures, sprains and dislocations. The cast treatment and surgical treatment ,if necessary , are also applied to the damaged area showing the symptoms such as swelling, pain, inability to move, and bruising. After the stated treatments, muscle weakness occurring due to immobility is treated with physical therapy and rehabilitation method. It is aimed to rehabilitate the person by applying different exercise methods with physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Neck and Lumbar Hernia: A hernia occurs as a result of the deterioration of integrity of the discs between the vertebras. A hernia occurs in the neck and waist region and occurs due to various reasons such as wrong movement, accident, trauma, stress and osteoarthritis. Bone weakness, pregnancy or excess weight in advancing age may also cause a hernia. Physical therapy and rehabilitation are often used in hernia treatment. Treatment methods may change according to the course of disease. In the later stage of hernia disease, surgical treatment can be performed.

Lymphedema: Lymphedema, being congenital (primary) and acquired (secondary) disease, is a build-up of lymph fluid of the tissue and insufficiency of the lymph system (part of the body's immune system). Manual lymph drainage application used in the treatment of this disease is among the physical therapy and rehabilitation methods.

With this method, the lymphatic ways, where the lymph fluid flow slowed down, are activated and the lymphatic system regains its usual function. Then the treatment continues with the bandaging method. A compression garment can also be used for the treatment if necessary. Manual lymph drainage differs from ordinary massage methods. This method has its own techniques and should be applied by physiotherapists who are experts in the field.

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