We are welcoming our guests from all over the world for health tourism with the help of improvements and developments in the healthcare field. Our principle is to help the people in the healthcare field and to perform the correct treatment of the correct diagnosis. In this sense, there are many accredited hospitals in our country. These hospitals, which open their doors not only to citizens of the country but also to all citizens of the world, comply with European standards and show Turkish hospitality.

As Bilva Health Travel, our priority is the satisfaction of the patients and their relatives. We create our entire mission and vision in this frame and act on this understanding. Our company is registered to Tursab (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies) with the code 13427 and has the authorization of Health Tourism approved by the Ministry of Health.

Our company, which was established in 2015, has a safe place in healthcare field and tourism. We work in healthcare industry with the best hospitals and physicians in Turkey and help you arrange the best treatment plan.

The hospitals that we are in cooperation with, act responsibly in customer satisfaction, hygiene, health and safety rules. In addition, we aim to provide you a service with the highest quality and most affordable prices, taking care that these hospitals have friendly staff and expert teams for the satisfaction of their patients and have the international JCI (Joint Commission International) certification.

We are aware that people with health issues want to solve their problems in the easiest, fastest and most accurate way. We're working hard to get you to the right treatment. We support you during and after your treatment with everything you need.

7/24 Support

You can contact us on 7/24 on our WhatsApp live support line for any information. You can check our website or contact us for information such as treatment, process, transportation and accommodation etc. You can contact us through our website to schedule your treatment, and get information about hospitals and doctors.You can also benefit from our services such as travel plan, visa , airport picks up ( meet and greet ) , VIP transfer, accommodation.

As an international service organization, interpreters will help you in your local language to better communicate with you. In addition, our interpreters who are reliable and experts in their fields will be with you not only when you arrive in Turkey, but also when you are in the city or when you communicate with your doctors. We can also help you with touristic activities such as domestic travel tours and boat tours if you request them during your stay in Turkey.

Bilva 7/24 Support

Our Mission

Our Mission is to act correctly, honestly and quickly with ethical principles, to be responsive to health rules, to provide you the best and quality service with a perspective that prioritizes human health and trusts positive sciences. It is our priority to provide a friendly service to our patient and their relatives .

Our vision

Our vision is to adopt patient trust and patient privacy as an essential principle, to work with this understanding as a team, and to stand out with our corporate identity. By adhering to world health standards, performing our services in cooperation and confidence with health facilities both domestic and foreign. Providing a worldwide prestigious service and modern healthcare services.

Our Values

Our Ethical Values are to work in accordance withworld health standards and hygiene rules, to provide professional service in health care. Caring about doctor–patient confidentiality by considering the rights of the patient . To ensure collegiality by acting in accordance with the dignity and morality of the medical field.

Considering the avoidance of any discriminatory treatment between the doctor and the patient behavior based on gender, religion, language, race, political opinion, social position.Being fair in the distribution of medical facilities, respecting human life and not to use medical information against human values and laws, even under pressure.

Our Quality Policy

Our quality policy is to work in accordance with world health standards and hygiene rules. We have all the necessary documents to be able to provide service in this field, and theirs up -to -datedness is being followed. It is one of our top priorities that not only our company but also the hospitals and health organizations we work with, comply with these standards.

We are proud and happy that you have for chosen us together with our team, who will get you to specialists in the easiest and most reliable way.

Why Bilva health?

We are aware that people who have health problems want to solve their problems in the easiest, fastest and most accurate way. We are working hard to get you to the right treatment. From the moment you leave your home, we will be with you in every process. We are interested in all the necessary details on behalf of you, such as plane tickets, visas, welcoming, accommodation and transportation. All you have left is to be treated by trusting us and the physicians.

We are proud and happy that you have chosen for us, together with our team, who will get you to specialists in the easiest and most reliable way.

We are with you during your treatment with A Class service quality.